Disability Action Mobility Centre - Impact on not being able to drive due to a disability

Being able to drive gives you the independence to go where you want, when you want and Disability Action's Mobility Centre helps disabled people with all aspects of driving – from practical and theory lessons to assessment and information and advice.

However, if you do not pass the driving assessment you cannot drive. We would like to know what impact this has on you. We would love to hear from you. Please complete this short survey by Tuesday 30th November 2021. This survey is anonymous. 

If you have any immediate worries or concerns about not being able to drive please contact Angela or Laura on: Telephone: 028 9029 7877 or Email: mobilitycentre@disabilityaction.org.


1. Have you undergone a driving assessment with Disability Action and failed it? *


2. Does not being able to drive impact you? *


3. What impact does not being able to drive have on you? *


4. How does this impact on your quality of life? (ie. What can you no longer do?) *


5. What support would you be interested in to help you if you can't drive? *


6. To help us identify what support is required geographically across Northern Ireland, please state what village/town/city you live in. *


7. Do you agree to Disability Action using your comments - anonymously - in promotional material? *

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. Thank you. Your views will help us to develop our Mobility Centre service in the future.