Publicly Accessible Locations - Market Survey of Protective Security Solutions


1. Introduction

The Home Office is seeking to improve our understanding of the protective security sector and welcomes industry input into a market survey on suitable solutions for use by owners and operators of Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs).

With potential new legislation around protective security requirements (Protect Duty) in the pipeline; the data from the survey will inform Home Office understanding of how well key sections of the PALs market are catered for and inform future initiatives relating to innovation and procurement.

By participating in the survey you will have the opportunity to directly inform and support Home Office thinking and influence the development of the market.

The survey will focus on products which are aimed at detecting, deterring and mitigating security threats to PALs, and are currently available as commercial-off-the shelf or will be available within the next two years only.

The deadline for completing the survey is 30 November 2021.

About the Survey

The survey should only take around 10 minutes per product and you can include up to 5 products in the survey.

You can pause and come back to it if you need to - please remember to use the 'Save and Continue Later' feature if you need to leave and return to your submission. If you leave the submission without saving, you will lose your progress.

All responses provided will be treated in accordance with Government security classifications and data protection legislation, and reported in summary (aggregated) form only unless we have sought/obtained agreement from you to cite specific comments/input. Your personal information will only be utilised to contact you within the boundaries outlined in the survey.

If you would like more details about this survey, please email the Joint Security & Resilience Centre at

Thank you for helping us with this survey. 

Please remember to use the Save and Continue feature every time you leave the survey.