IMT Wider Workforce Survey 2020

1. About this study

Health Education England (HEE) has appointed RSM UK Consulting LLP (RSM) to conduct a three-year longitudinal evaluation of  the Internal Medicine Training (IMT) programme.  This evaluation seeks to assess the perceptions and impacts of the IMT programme, including the preparedness of trainees at different stages of their IMT training and whether this differs from trainees coming from different pathways.

Stage 1 of the IMT training (IMS1) was implemented in August 2019 and replaces Core Medical Training (CMT) programme. Changes in the programme include the length of the programme (three years rather than two for most trainees), as well as changes in content and the outcomes against which trainees are assessed. IMS1 forms the first stage of specialty training for most doctors training in physicianly specialities. IMT training continues in IMS2 for certain trainees, integrated with their higher specialty training (HST).

IMT forms the first stage of specialty training for most doctors training in physicianly specialities to prepare trainees for participating in the acute medical take, and is integrated with specialty training. These changes aim to enhance the training in internal medicine and prepare doctors to manage patients with complex comorbidities, as well as providing trainees with wider exposure to medical specialties including dedicated experience in ICU.

As part of this evaluation, we are keen to gather the views of people who have undertaken medical training in recent years (including those who have taken time out), who are on alternative training programmes (including Foundation Trainees) and other members of the medical workforce. 

If you are a named clinical/educational supervisor, trainer or assessor for the IMT programme please follow this link instead: 

The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. In line with GDPR, all responses will be kept anonymous and confidential. No trainee identifiable data will be collected, unless an individual chooses to provide a contact email to take part in an interview discussion.

In accordance with new data protection laws and RSM data protection protocols, information obtained will be stored on password protected computers. The data will be kept for a minimum of five years, or at least two years post-publication. It will then be destroyed.

No direct risks are expected to arise from taking part in this study. However, the survey is designed to explore your perceptions and experiences of the IMT programme, and it is possible that you might recollect a stressful or challenging situation.

If you have any questions about this research, please contact   

Thank you for reading this information sheet and participating in this study.