1. Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2021

Providence Row Housing Association is committed to ensuring that the services we offer are of a high standard and that any areas which improvements can be made are identified.
To assist us with this, we would like to know how well we are doing with our tenants and would appreciate if you could complete the following survey.  There are seven key areas. You are asked to select your satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and can provide any comments (if you want). The survey should take no more than fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.  Completing this survey is entirely voluntary but by completing it you will help us to review and improve our services.  All the information you give will be kept confidential and only anonymous aggregated data is used when publishing the results of this survey.  

We are offering a prize draw for completed surveys - first prize is a £30 gift voucher, and there are also three runner up prizes of a £10 gift voucher each. Please see the last page of this survey for details.