Victims and Survivors Strategy Survey

Victims and Survivors Strategy Survey
You may be aware that the recent CVS survey 'Advice on Informing a New Strategy for Victims and Survivors' opened on 4th May 2020. That survey has since closed with a total of 255 responses. The results of the survey allowed consideration to be given to areas where more information would be useful.

The Executive Office (TEO) has engaged RSM UK Ltd to undertake a review of the current Strategy for Victims and Survivors. As part of the evaluation, and following on from the CVS survey, views are now sought on how well the 2009-19 Strategy (extended until March 2021) has worked and what should be taken forward in a new Victims' Strategy. 

It is understood that these are difficult times for many but it is important to make sure that the support and services that are needed can be put in place. It is now more important than ever to ensure that that the views of as many people as possible are heard to give a full understanding of the needs of Victims and Survivors and how these can be best addressed.

A copy of the Strategy can be obtained via the following link ( The main aims of the Strategy were to:
  • Put in place comprehensive arrangements to ensure that the voice of victims and survivors is represented and acted upon at governmental and policy level;
  • Secure through the provision of an appropriate range of support services and other initiatives a measurable improvement in the wellbeing of victims and survivors;
  • Assist victims and survivors, where this is consistent with their wishes and well-being, to play a central role, as part of wider society in addressing the legacy of the past; and
  • Assist victims and survivors to contribute to building a shared and better future.
The Strategy for Victims and Survivors is built around the following strategy bodies:
  • the Commission for Victims and Survivors (CVS);
  • the Victims and Survivors Forum (the Forum); and
  • the Victims and Survivors Service (VSS).
The Strategy also stated that action was required in three key areas:
  • Comprehensive needs assessment to inform the development of services – linked to the provision of long-term funding and support services for victims / survivors;
  • Dealing with the ‘past’ – the Commission, in liaison with the Forum is to develop advice to government representing the views of Victims and Survivors on ways to deal with the ‘past’. Key issues include recommendations on truth recovery and justice, storytelling, acknowledgement, memorials, inquiries and the work on historic cases; and
  • Building for the future – The Forum’s work will consider how Victims and Survivors can contribute to building a shared and better future, recognising that the experiences of those who have suffered can help individuals and communities heal and move forward. The inter-generational impact of the Troubles is also to be addressed through the promotion of cross-community work with children and young people.
It should be noted that, in response to the suspension of the NI Assembly, the Strategy was extended beyond the 2009-2019 period until 2021.
As part of this evaluation, we are seeking your views on this Strategy such as what has worked well and what didn’t work as well. We are also keen to find out your views on what  the focus of any future strategy should be, whether the focus should remain the same, or if there is anything that needs to be considered to meet the changing needs of Victims and Survivors.

We would be extremely grateful if you would complete an online survey which should take no longer than 20 minutes.

Please note that no individual will be identifiable through their response to this questionnaire. 

All survey responses will remain anonymous and will not be identifiable within the evaluation. To protect your privacy, RSM will analyse and present the information received on an aggregated basis.

In accordance with data protection laws and RSM data protection protocols, information obtained will be stored on password protected computers. The data will be kept for a minimum of five years, or at least two years post-publication. It will then be destroyed.

If you have any further questions about the questionnaire, the evaluation, or if you would like to complete a paper based version of the questionnaire, please contact Glenn Donnelly on 028 9023 4343 or

Your help and input is very much appreciated.