Research about the use of pulse oximetry in care homes

1. Research about the use of pulse oximetry in care homes

The National Institute for Health Research has commissioned researchers at the Birmingham, RAND and Cambridge Evaluation centre (BRACE), to help care homes learn from one another in using pulse oximetry with residents to manage COVID-19 and other health conditions, and to assess the impact of NHS support with this.

Pulse oximetry is a test for precise measurement of oxygen levels in the blood. Pulse oximeter is a small clip-like device that attaches to a body part, most commonly is put on a finger or a toe. It provides a measurement result of oxygen levels. Pulse oximetry is used to pick up desaturations and for better early identification of those at risk of significant deterioration. It is particularly useful for identifying ‘silent hypoxia’ (low oxygen levels in the absence of significant shortness of breath

The researchers are running an online survey of care home managers in England. We would be very grateful if you, as a care home manager, would share your experiences by completing this short survey. The survey will remain open until the 6th of April.

Please note that this is independent research that is not related to the CQC, and is not about your care home’s performance. Completing the survey is voluntary; it is not a regulatory requirement. But completing the survey will help to spread learning to all care homes about the use of pulse oximeters and NHS support with that. All answers will be anonymised. 

If you would like more detail about this research, please contact the study team at

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