What do you perceive when listening to music? Movements, shapes, emotions, colours?

This study is interested in exploring the different images and associations that come to mind when listening to music. A strong version of this is also known as music-colour synaesthesia, this is when you spontaneously see colours and shapes upon hearing music. A weaker version of this is very common, and is known as cross-modal correspondences: you may make inferences about sounds in terms of other modalities, such as weight, size, and brightness.

If you think you may have music-colour synaesthesia, we would highly recommend you to participate in this study!

Also, if you do not have synaesthesia, you may still find it very interesting to participate and we would like to strongly encourage you to do so.

Part 1: takes 10 minutes and collects some general demographics and information about your musical background
Part 2: takes 30 minutes and asks you to report on your experiences of 12 musical excerpts.

Please continue to participate in Part 1.
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