Primary School Covid-19 Travel Survey

Dear parent/carer,

In response to Covid-19, we are keen to see how travel to school is changing.  We appreciate your child(ren) may not be back at school yet, but your feedback is extremely important to us.
Please can you spare a few minutes to complete this survey no later than Monday 20th July 2020.
Please complete on behalf of your children and please do not share this survey on social media.
Only one Primary School survey per household is required.

Use of your personal data
The London Borough of Bromley may use your personal data without your specific consent to provide you with one or more council services, and to comply with the council’s statutory and legal obligations. Information about how the council uses and protects personal data and about personal data rights is available at

1. What school does your child(ren) attend? *


2. How many children are you completing this survey for? *


3. What is your postcode? *


4. Is/are all or some of your child(ren) back at school yet?


5. How do you currently travel to school?
(If your child(ren) is/are not yet back at school, how did you travel to school prior to Covid 19?) *


6. If you travel to school by CAR, please tell us why.


7. If you travel to school by PUBLIC BUS, please tell us why.


8. Are you able to travel to/from school by walking or cycling?


9. How do you intend to travel to school from September? *


10. What changes, if any, are you intending to make to travel arrangements in September?