Purple Flag Perception Study


1. Have you heard of the Purple Flag Award?


2. What is your main reason for visiting Guildford in the evening or night-time?


3. How do you find accessibility in and around the town centre and to and from your destination for the evening?


4. Where in Guildford do you usually go in the evening?


5. What mode of transport do you mainly use when arriving in Guildford in the evening or night time?


6. How do you travel home from Guildford after a night out?


7. Do you feel safe whilst out in Guildford during the day and at night?


8. How could we make Guildford evenings and nights out better for you?


9. Please tell us where you live (please provide the first half of your postcode):


10. Please choose one that best describes you:


11. We’d love to enter you into our weekly prize draw for the chance to win a prize worth £100 to spend in the town - prizes range from spa treatments to theatre tickets and a meal for two.
Please provide your email address and tick to confirm you would like to be entered into the prize draw.*

*Our partners Experience Guildford manage the prize draw and we will share your email address with them solely for the purpose of the prize draw, after which time it will be securely deleted from ours and their records. Please see competition terms and conditions on Experience Guildford website.