Outreach Fund - Small Grants


1. Before you start

Our Outreach Fund remains open and welcome to applications.
Coronavirus (COVID-19): information for grant applicants and grant holders:
We recognise that during this period the nature of projects and delivery mechanisms may need to be revised and that individuals and organisations may choose to use this period to either reflect and evaluate current activity or develop new initiatives. In response to this and the changing needs of the community we are relaxing our restrictions to funding, in particular those costs associated with salary and freelancers fees. In addition, to lower barriers to funding we are increasing the upper limit of the small grant scheme to £5,000 and moving to consider applications for small grants on a monthly basis, our first deadline is 11th May. Please visit our website for further details on applying during this period or get in touch with the team.

Before completing your application we recommend you read our eligibility and criteria guidelines on our website and the guidelines that accompany each question. 

Please note that grants should be for up to £5,000 and will only be awarded to projects taking place in the UK and Republic of Ireland. All projects must take place within the grant period as shown on our website. If you have any questions about completing the form please get in touch with us at outreach@rsc.org or by calling 01223 438392 or 01223 432209.

The application form may take 45 - 60 minutes to complete. Word count guidance is provided where appropriate but please be clear and concise for all your answers. You can save a partially completed application form and return to it later. Once you have submitted your application you will not have any further opportunities to amend it. You should expect to hear the outcome of your application within 2-4 weeks of the close of applications.

Important: we can only accept applications from people over the age of 18.