Bursary Application Form

1. Your details


2. Age


3. Gender


4. Ethnicity


5. Do you have a disability?


6. Type of training


7. Trainee details

Grant Eligibility

Grant rules stipulate that the following eligibility criteria must be met for the bursary payment to be made to the apprentice for Clothing, Travel, Tools or Equipment required as a direct result of the apprenticeship. Clothing, tools and equipment may be second hand if of approved quality and petrol receipts are eligible for travel if a lift agreement is submitted.

8. Are you applying for the £500 incentive grant?


9. Are you applying for a travel bursary?

(Maximum amount is £500)


10. Are you applying for a clothing, tools and equipment bursary?

(Maximum value £300)


11. Reason for bursary application (why the apprentice requires this bursary):


12. Reason the employer cannot support the equipment and clothing

  • The employer will employ the trainee named above for at least the time it takes to complete their training programme (subject to satisfactory performance as an employee) which must be longer than 6  months.
  • The trainee must be a Malvern or Wychavon resident on the electoral register
  • All the expenditure claimed must be evidenced.
  • The employer will pay the trainee at least the National Minimum Wage appropriate for their age and status (including time for off the job training)
  • The Training Organisation is listed register of Approved Training Organisations (ROATP)
  • The trainee meets all of the eligibility criteria listed above for the bursary
  • Application Form signed by the employer and electronically approved by the Training Provider (email confirmation).
  • Receipts for expenditure will be reimbursed immediately by providing receipt evidence
  • Documents for all expenditure MUST be submitted to kim@hwstpa.co.uk for reimbursement
  • The bursary is subject to a successful application to WTPA and the availability of funds from MHDC.  WTPA reserves the right to award or reject bursary applications. The scheme will be run on a first come first served basis.
  • WTPA reserves the right to recover all or part of the bursary it has provided if any information provided in the bursary application form or other correspondence is found to be substantially incorrect, misleading or incomplete.
  • A copy of the approved bursary application form will be submitted to and retained by Malvern Hills District Council.

13. Please tick all of the following statements if you agree please


14. Payment Details for reimbursement

Malvern Hills District Council Data Protection Statement - How We Use Your Information

Malvern Hills District Council stores and process information which helps us to target services and products that you might be interested in such as grants, funding and business support. We may also contact you for clarification analysis and monitoring purposes. The CRM database maybe shared with Worcestershire County Council; Worcestershire Business Central; Programme Partners and Programme Providers (Baldwin’s, Blue Orchid, Biz Smart, Borwell, Briar Associates, Carbon Smart, Central Technology Belt, Isle Utilities, NCSC, ProEnviro, The Prince’s Trust, University of Worcester); Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce; Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership; and Worcestershire Apprenticeships for project monitoring and audit purposes.

For further information please visit https://www.malvernhills.gov.uk/privacy-policy.