Macmillan Quality Environment Standard Patient and Visitor Feedback Form

1. Tameside and Glossop MQEM survey

Macmillan Cancer Support is keen to ensure that the environment in which patients are treated and in which relatives accompany their friends and family to appointments, are always set out and designed to ensure visits to units such as this one are as good as they can be.  To this end we have decided to regularly ask our visitors whether they are happy with the ‘environment’ of our cancer unit and to find out whether or not we should be looking to change things.  Please would you help us by answering the following short questionnaire? 

1. Do you find the Macmillan Unit welcoming?


2. Do you have any difficulty accessing the unit (e.g. difficult to find, no clear signage, public transport links etc)


3. Do you feel that your dignity and privacy are protected in the following areas:

Yes, definitelyYes, to some extentNo
Reception and waiting areas
Consultation rooms
Treatment areas

4. How would you rate the cleanliness and tidiness of the following areas of the unit

Very clean and tidyFairly, clean and tidyNot very clean and tidy
Reception and waiting areas
Treatment areas / consultation rooms

5. In terms of your comfort and well being what is your overall impression of the following aspects of the unit:

yes, definitelyyes, to some extentNo
The internal décor is pleasant
The furniture is comfortable
The garden / large windows promote well-being
The artwork and displays help as a positive distraction

6. Do you feel confident about your safety in the unit?


7. Do you think the layout and signposting in the unit ensures you are able to safely find your way around the facility?


8. Do you feel able to ask staff questions when you are visiting or being treated on the unit?


9. Do you feel confident in the care and support you are offered in the unit?


10. Do you feel you are given any personal control during your visits (for example moving the chairs, changing the lighting etc)?


11. Is there the opportunity to give the staff in the Macmillan unit any feedback regarding your experience?


12. Sometimes there can be delays in the unit and therefore longer waiting times for appointments?

Do you feel you are kept adequately informed if there is a delay?
Do you feel that these delays are justified?

13. Do you find the information booklets available in the unit relevant and helpful?


14. What do you feel are the key benefits of the unit for you?


15. Are there any aspects of the unit that could be improved? If yes, please describe which aspects?

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