Experiences of disabled defendants and accused at the pre-trial stage: survey for criminal justice professionals


1. Confidentiality and consent

We want to understand about the experiences of people in the pre-trial stage of the criminal justice system. We are interested in the experiences of those with a cognitive impairment, mental health condition or neuro-diverse condition who have been accused and charged with a crime.
We are interested to hear from criminal justice professionals on their experiences at each stage of this journey. We are particularly interested in people’s experiences from 1st January 2017 onwards including, where applicable, the impact of new technology.
Your survey responses will form part of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s inquiry into whether the criminal justice system treats disabled people fairly. The responses will be collated by Justice Studio (a UK-based independent research company) and used to present findings and recommendations to the UK government.

Confidentiality and consent 
All answers to this survey are anonymous and will not be used to identify you, you do not need to provide us with your name or any other personal details, and SmartSurvey will not record your IP address or any other identifying features of your computer. Because there is no way of identifying respondents to this survey, once you begin answering questions it is not possible to withdraw your responses. Please consider this before beginning the survey.
This survey will not collect any sensitive information about you. Information collected through this survey will be stored online via SmartSurvey, a UK-based company that is fully compliant with GDPR legislation and European Privacy Laws (see their privacy policy). Once the survey period has closed, the raw data will be downloaded from SmartSurvey and stored on Justice Studio’s systems which are password protected and only accessible by Justice Studio staff. The data will also be shared with the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Inquiry team where it will be used only for the purpose of this inquiry and stored in line with their privacy notice. The data will not be provided to anyone else unless we are legally obliged, for example in the event of a court order.
Per GDPR requirements, Justice Studio will only store the data for as long as is necessary for the purposes of the Inquiry. Once the data is no longer required for the Inquiry, the online data will be deleted from SmartSurvey and the raw data will be deleted from Justice Studio’s systems. The data will be stored by EHRC in line with their retention schedule.
Please note, not every question in this survey may be relevant to your profession or role. Where a question is not applicable please select the ‘not applicable’ option. Please allow up to 15 minutes to complete this survey.
If you have any questions about this research please contact criminaljusticesysteminquiry@equalityhumanrights.com

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