Coronavirus Survey for HR and Management


1. How worried are you about the personal impact of coronavirus on you? *


2. How worried are you about the impact of coronavirus on your company or organisation? *


3. How easy or difficult are you finding it to work effectively in the current situation? *


4. Which of these would you consider to be the top three most significant challenges while working remotely at the moment? *


5. Thinking about your current remote working arrangements, how much long do you feel it can be sustained? *


6. How often would you like the leadership team to communicate with you about how they are handling business challenges and complications caused by coronavirus? *


7. How confident are you that the leadership team are able to make the right decisions to manage in the current crisis? *


8. How confident are you that the company has made sure you have the right tools, resources and benefits to be supported in the crisis? *


9. Away from the workplace, are you confident that you have a good support network to help you through this crisis? *


10. What is your single biggest concern regarding your work at this moment? *