Allotment & Food Aid Organisations - Sign Up Sheet

Thank you for being interested in linking your allotment(s) up with a local food aid organisation in Lewisham. Food aid organisations in Lewisham are always in need of additional food donations and we know that many allotments (with a bit of luck!) end up harvesting more fruit and vegetables than they need. By signing up, you are helping us ensure that every allotment that has surplus food can donate it to a food aid organisation nearby and support someone in need. This page is for people to register their interest in joining the scheme. Please provide answers to the questions below and someone will be in touch to let you know about next steps.

1. Full name: *


2. Email address: *


3. Phone number: *


4. Full address of your allotment's location: *


5. When we match allotments to their nearest food aid organisation, we can either match the allotment's address or that of the allotment keeper. Please indicate below whether you would prefer us to match you with a food aid organisation near to your allotment or your home address: *


6. Roughly how much surplus food do you think you will have to offer? You can either estimate the total weight or tell us roughly how much of each crop you hope to be able to share. *


7. Are you already involved in a similar project or have you been involved in a similar project in the past? *