Food Buyers Survey

Food Buyers Survey

CCS are currently developing a commercial vehicle that will facilitate direct access for Public Sector bodies to primary food producers, suppliers and processors regardless of their capacity and capability to meet individual Public Sector contracts.

The outline strategy for this vehicle involves the appointment of a technology supplier, the creation of a Dynamic Procurement System for primary food producers, suppliers and processors and the appointment of 14 regional logistic suppliers for the collection and delivery of food for Public Sector contracts. These three procurements combined will create an Online Food Store.

The basis of this design is an electronic management system that will act as an interface between government buyers and/or managing agents, food producers and logistic suppliers.

This questionnaire is to gauge the appetite of public sector buyers for this type of Procurement Vehicle. Any information gathered will be treated as 'commercial in confidence' and will only be used for the purposes of developing the agreement. Therefore it is appreciated if you could take time to respond where possible and return the questionnaire. This will then allow CCS to work collaboratively with you in developing a commercial vehicle that would meet your specific requirements.

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