Patient and Stakeholder Consultation on the future of Wickersley branch surgery

1. Patient and Stakeholder Consultation

Clifton Medical Centre has made the difficult decision to commence a Consultation with our patients and stakeholders to help us decide whether to apply for the closure of our Wickersley branch surgery. The decision to review the future of the branch surgery has not been taken lightly and the well-being of patients remains the priority.

The purpose of this survey is to consider the views of our patients and stakeholders and understand more fully what the impact of the change may be. We want to hear your thoughts.

This survey is part of the formal consultation process; the consultation opened on Monday 4th April 2022 and will close on Friday 24th June 2022.

1. I am completing this survey as...


2. In the event of the Wickersley branch closing, how would you access GP services?


3. Would the closure of the Wickersley branch impact your ability to travel to appointments?


4. Do you think that registering with a different local practice would impact on how easily you can book an appointment with a health care professional?


5. Do you think that the alternative options available to you will be more or less responsive to your needs?


6. How would the closure of the branch impact you?
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7. If the branch practice was to close, how could we make things easier for you?
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8. Is there anything else you would like us to know or consider?
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