Risk and Resource Model 2022-25 Consultation

Proposals Survey

Introduction from Commissioner Zoë

Hello, I’m Commissioner Zoë, your Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner. It’s my job to gather your views and set the direction of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, to make sure our communities get the services we need to help us be safe and feel safe in North Yorkshire and the City of York.
I’m currently considering proposals for the Fire Service’s new Risk and Resource Model, which sets how the Service would seek to deploy its people, equipment and resources. I’d like your views on the proposals before I make my decision on whether to implement them.
It’s important to know that your Fire and Rescue Service has undertaken a thorough assessment of risk in our area. This looks at what our geography, demography, infrastructure, society, and economy mean for how likely it is that an emergency incident will happen, and how severe that incident is likely to be if it does.

The assessment shows that in our area, the risk of having a fire in your home is generally low, with pockets of higher risk in some of our urban areas and also in the south-east of the Service area. In fact, other emergencies, such as collisions on our roads or rescues from water during storms and floods, make up a larger proportion of what our Service responds to.

Based on this evidence, your Fire and Rescue Service has put forward proposals that it feels will ensure it has the right people with the right equipment in the right place at the right time to reduce the risk of harm in our communities. Before I make my decision on whether to implement them, I want to know what you, the people of North Yorkshire and York, think of them.

Zoë Metcalfe
Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire