Online on–demand course topics priority survey

Thank you for taking the time to help us review our online ondemand course offering. We expect this survey to take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

We are at the start of the process of redeveloping our current courses and identifying additional areas of support which are not currently being met.

Your feedback will shape the prioritisation of the courses and topics we redevelop and commission during this project. This will include subject knowledge and pedagogical support courses available online and on
demand from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

1. Which of the following best describes your current job role? (Select all that apply) *


2. Which country do you work in? *


3. What type of school do you work in? (Select all that apply) *


4. How many years have you been working in your current type of role in education? E.g. teacher, technician, tutor etc. *


5. Which subject is your qualified specialism? (Select all that apply) *


6. Which subjects do you consider yourself a specialist in? (Select all that apply) *


7. Which, if any, of the following Royal Society of Chemistry professional development opportunities have you engaged with to date? *


8. Please select which of the following chemistry topics you want subject knowledge support in (Select all that apply) *

Acid and bases
Analytical chemistry
Atomic structure and the Periodic Table
Chemical reactions
Energy changes
Environmental and industrial chemistry
Materials chemistry
Organic chemistry
Quantitative chemistry
Rates of reactions
Reactivity series and redox
Structure and bonding

9. Which of the following pedagogical online on–demand courses on topics would you be interested in? (Select all that apply) *


10. Please let us know if there are areas of support not covered above that you would like support from Royal Society of Chemistry in the form of online on–demand courses. (Optional)


11. Any other comments?