Food Bank Referral Form

1. The BHASVIC Foodbank

The BHASVIC Foodbank provides emergency food, or weekly food for BHASVIC students and/or their family who have food insecurity.

In the UK 8 million people currently need support with access to food due to rising living costs, stagnated wages and changes to the benefit system.

The food we provide is in date, and we receive a variety of products from fresh fruit and vegetables to tinned produce.
We offer food free of charge and we do not ask for evidence.  

When completing the form please answer all questions so we can ensure you receive the right food, at a convenient time for you.
We aim to reply to your request within 48 hours. 

If your situation is a crisis and you need access to food immediately please see your Personal Tutor, or go to Student Services and tell the reception desk that you have no access to food today.

There may also be other support BHASVIC can offer you such as a Bursary or support with Welfare advice, if so go to the Student Services reception desk and make an appointment with the college Welfare Coordinator, Jackie Davies..

Thank you for taking the time to complete this BHASVIC Foodbank Referral Form.  This information will not be shared without your consent.

Please remember to check your BHASVIC email account regularly.

1. Student's Full Name


2. Student's Date of Birth


3. Student's Email Address, preferably your BHASVIC email address where we can contact you


How many people would you like food for, just yourself, or if for other members of your household, how many?


4. Do you have any allergens or dietary requirements?


5. Do you have access to the following:


6. Would you like to receive information about further internal and external support that maybe available to you?