Reporting Bullying, Prejudice and Racism Incidents


Welcome to Devon County Council's BPRI reporting platform 

This form has been designed for schools and settings to report all bullying, prejudice and racism incidents that your staff or children have experienced.  Please ensure you are familiar with our Equality and diversity, and Bullying webpages - as we add new resources regularly.   If you are a parent/guardian please report here and not on this platform.


Anyone in your school can book a BPRI clinic appointment to discuss an incident or your settings wider equality and diversity provision.


You said - we did

Feedback has been that you would like the suggestions to be clear for what key stage they are for and also to be able to access the resources outside of the reporting system.  So over the next coming weeks will be working on this for you.


Collecting Data
The information provided on this form will be used for purposes relating to monitoring incidents and may be shared with relevant organisations where appropriate. It will not be processed or shared for any other unrelated purpose. Where you are completing personal information for another individual, please provide that person with access to our privacy notice. For further information please see our full privacy notice at Privacy Policy