Re-Start: Community Sport and Exercise Provider Survey

1. About this survey:

Brighton & Hove City Council is seeking to find out about the impact of Covid-19 on local sports clubs and organisations providing exercise and fitness opportunities for people in the city.

Information provided through this survey will be used to:
  • Identify organisations providing sport and exercise opportunities in Brighton & Hove 
  • Develop understanding of the impact of Covid-19 on local activity providers and any training or support needs
  • Inform the support provided by Brighton & Hove City Council for local sport and activity providers 
  • Inform the development of an updated City Sport and Physical Activity Strategy
We encourage any provider of community sport, dance, exercise or other physical activity opportunity that takes place in Brighton & Hove to complete this survey. 

The deadline for completing this survey is: 28 February 2021

For more information please contact: or phone 01273 294589.

Language used in this survey:
We have used language throughout this survey that aligns with terminology from national data sources to describe different demographic groups. However, we understand that language can be subjective and personal and you may not identify with the language used. If you have any feedback about the language used in this survey please contact the Healthy Lifestyles Team (01273 294589)

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Why we collect your data
The information you've provided will be used to help inform the work of the Brighton & Hove City Council Healthy Lifestyles Team to support and develop physical activity opportunities in the city and to respond to the impact of Covid-19 on local physical activity providers

Our legal basis for collecting your data
  • GPDR Art.6 (c) compliance with a legal obligation under S.3 Local Government Act 1999.
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What data we collect from you
Personal data
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