Call for Further Information - DWP Restart opportunity

1. The Opportunity



Following our success on the CAEHRS framework, Ingeus are seeking Partners to join us in the delivery of the Restart programme. 

DWP have launched the Restart programme, a 3 year employability programme which will tackle the rise in unemployment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Restart will support people who have been unemployed and have been in receipt of benefits for at least 12 months, offering personalised support for a maximum of 365 days. Restart will be measured against a high-level delivery offer, and achievement of employment outcomes, based on participant earnings. 

The key elements to be provided under Restart include:
  • Job Outcomes - will be a vital measure of the programme and will be measured by participant earnings
  • Referrals -  Participants in receipt of Universal Credit in the IWSR will be referred to Restart via their JCP Work Coach
  • Participant journey - Participants will received face-to-face support, with some interventions delivered remotely
  • Localism - Restart providers will work closely with local stakeholders and services to support local agendas within the CPA and embed local priorities to delivery
  • Delivery model - Restart delivery will include conducting effective diagnostics, creating meaningful action plans, providing tailored support and conducting effective reviews to support people in to sustainable employment. 
Further information about the Restart programme can be found here

Partnership Opportunity

Ingeus work with Partner organisations of all sizes across most of our service delivery. Rated as 'Excellent' against the Merlin Standard for delivering excellence in supply chain management in 2016, 2018 and 2020; we value meaningful partnerships with like-minded organisations.  We are particularly seeking organisations who can work at pace, be flexible and resilient to change and have proven performance experience in this sector. 

What we are looking for?

As part of our intended delivery for the Restart programme, we are looking for partner organisations to deliver on an end-to-end basis who have experience delivering helping long-term unemployed people to find and secure sustainable employment. We intend to develop a partnership network across our Tier 1 regions across the following regions:
  • North East and Humberside
  • West & South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
  • North West
  • Greater Manchester
  • Home Counties
  • West & Central London
  • East & South London
  • South West
  • South Central

As an end-to-end organisation, you will be working with Participants from the point of referral to programme completion, delivering our joined up delivery model required for this programme.  We are looking for organisations who have experience of delivering employability services, can demonstrate good performance, have good knowledge of local needs and ideally have existing footprint within the proposed region/CPA.

If your organisation is not able to deliver on an end-to-end basis, you may be more suited to working with us as a specialist partner.  We are looking to build a network of specialist partners to weave in specific and specialist support. We expect most specialist partners will support our participants as and when required, so you should demonstrate you have existing capacity that can be called on in this way - although if you would need support with scaling up your existing services/resources, that option may be available where there is both a clear need and benefit.   

If your offer is within this category, Section 14 (Question 29) allows you to outline your service and delivery proposal (please also complete Section 3 - Organisational Details).

Successful organisations who form our delivery offer you will be part of the Ingeus Partner Network.  Ingeus will support you with access to our wider resources, provide an IT system, live MI reports to monitor and track performance and you will have a dedicated support team that will take you through the programme delivery. Together, we will achieve market leading performance, build tenacity and resilience in our collective delivery teams. All throughout, positively impacting and changing lives through this difficult period.  

This Call for Information is specifically for the Restart opportunity.  Future opportunities under the CAEHRS Framework will be procured separately. 

Next Steps

If you feel your organisation can deliver and meet the above expectations, we are keen to hear from you and invite you to complete this Call for Further Information.  The deadline for completing this is 3pm on 23rd December 2020.  If you will struggle to meet this deadline, please contact Ingeus on as soon as possible.

Your completed CFI will be assessed, with shortlisted organisations then being approached to discuss your submission and delivery proposal in further detail by a member of the Ingeus team.  Unsuccessful organisations will be notified by email.  

Should you have any questions please email
General Guidance for Completing this Call for Further Information

Responses to this Call for Further Information will be used to evaluate the suitability of interested organisations against our delivery requirements for the Restart programme.  Applicants should address their answers to this application only and should not include general marketing or promotional material. Please be clear in your answers on your geographical delivery as we will be using this to map out the delivery proposal.  

When completing the CFI, please consider the following points:
  • Less is more - clear, concise, relevant answers are more likely to let your points shine through than lines and lines of dense text
  • Prove it - backing up what you say with evidence of how it's worked really strengthens your case
  • Something is better than nothing - if you're not sure about a section, don't leave it blank.  A partial answer will still score some marks, but a blank response may lead to your application being discounted.  
  • Failure to provide a satisfactory response to any of the questions may result in Ingeus not proceeding further with your application. Applications that score highly are those that provide unambiguous and detailed information

Questions will be scored according to the criteria outlined in the table below:
Classification Scoring Principle
Excellent 3 Clear, comprehensive answer with evidence that answers the question fully AND offers added value. 
Good 2 Clear, comprehensive answer with evidence that answers the question fully
Poor 1 Broadly answers the question but either lacks evidence or doesn't every part comprehensively
Unacceptable 0 Doesn't answer the question or provides no evidence of capability

Following the scoring process partners will be notified as to the outcome of their application. If successful, potential partners will be invited to take part in further dialogue and due diligence to determine suitability for the Restart programme to see how we might be able to work together. 

Please note, further dialogue will also include understanding more local information about your stakeholder contacts and relationships. We will also want to understand how your organisational approach to Social Value.