Shetland Library Annual Survey 2017
1. How are we doing? 2017

Section A:  How well are we doing?  (Tick one box in each row.  There is a space for comments at the end of the survey)
  • The six headings below are the aims of 'Ambition and Opportunity' which is the National Strategy for Public Libraries in Scotland.
  • Please rate us on how you think the public library performs in each of these areas.  (We have given brief examples of the kind of things that may come under each heading.)

ExcellentGoodFairPoorDon't Know
"Promoting reading, learning and literacy"
*Think about how we provide and encourage reading, including e-books and children's services like Bookbug.
"Promoting digital inclusion"
*This includes our computers, wifi, software and online services and the support we give customers to use them.
"Promoting economic wellbeing"
*Think about how we help you save money, or if we increase opportunities to learn, apply for jobs and get advice.
"Promoting social wellbeing"
*Consider the library's community role and our impact on equality or mental and physical health.
"Promoting culture and creativity"
*This could include our events and promotions, including local culture and dialect and Shetland materials.
"Libraries as excellent public Services"
*Consider our customer service, including how well trained our staff are and how efficiently we serve you.

Section B: On a scale of one to ten, how satisfied overall are you with the Library? (Please tick one box; 10 being very satisfied, 1 being not all all).


Section C: Please tick your age group


Section D: Which library do you use most often?


Section E: Have you any comments?