This consultation sets out our proposals to change the way we carry out interim inspections of children’s homes and the way we inspect residential holiday schemes for disabled children (RHSDC).  The changes we are proposing aim to reduce the burden on providers but maintain a focus on the safety and welfare of children attending the schemes.  

We will use the responses to inform our new arrangements, which we aim to introduce from 1 April 2022. 

For children's homes we propose to:
  • provide a single judgement based on the inspection findings  
  • evaluate the effectiveness of any improvements leaders and managers have made since the last inspection
  • replace ‘interim’ with a more meaningful name.

For residential holiday schemes for disabled children we propose to:
  • update the language and emphasis in the SCCIF for RHSDC
  • use a combination of on- and off-site inspection activities
  • require schemes to provide a formal notification of the proposed  date and location they will run from
  • carry out an interview with the manager before the scheme starts.

Supporting documentation

The consultation document (opens in new window), and other supporting materials are available from the Ofsted website, please refer to them when completing the survey.

Closing date

The closing date for this consultation is 24 January 2021.

If you have any difficulties using this smart survey, please email with the details so we can offer you an alternative that meets your needs.

Printing your response

When you have completed the survey you will be given the option to print your response.