Standards of Conduct, Performance & Ethics Review: Pre-Consultation Survey 2022


The Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics (SCPEs) are an essential set of Standards that form part of HCPC’s regulatory framework and set out the standards that all registrants must meet. They are important for all our stakeholders – from registrants and service users to education providers and trade unions. They are also essential to the functionality of HCPC as a compassionate regulator.

A regular review of the SCPEs is essential to ensure they remain relevant to current practice, that they incorporate equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) commitments and that they are clearly understood by those who use them.

A review to the Standards is upcoming and will include a consultation phase  (opening in Autumn 2022). Before it starts, we would first like to hear from the people that the Standards impact the most - You!

In this short survey we would like to hear how important the Standards are to you, how you use them, what you would change about them and lastly, a little about you.

The survey should take around 5-7 minutes to complete.

Your answers are anonymous and essential to shaping the future of the Standards.

Thank you for participating!