2020 SUS Customer Satisfaction Survey


1. What county do you live in?


2. What service(s) have you received from Step Up Suncoast?


3. How did you hear about Step Up Suncoast?


4. How did you travel to the Step Up Suncoast office?


5. How well did staff explain the available service to you?


6. How knowledgeable were staff about the service?


7. Did the service help you with your immediate needs?


8. Did you receive information on other programs that might be helpful to you?.


9. If Step up Suncoast was unable to work with you to address your needs/concerns, the reasons were clearly stated?


10. Has the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affect your finances?


11. How satisfied were you with the overall service you received?


12. Were you treated with courtesy and respect?


13. If you were unhappy with the service, how well was your concern handled?


14. How satisfied were you with the length of time it took for you to receive assistance?


15. How convenient was the application process?


16. Would you recommend Step Up Suncoast to others in need of assistance?


17. If you are a Head Start or Early Head Start family, were you satisfied with the progress your child made during the year?


18. If you are a Head Start or Early Head Start family, did you increase the amount of educational support for your child in your home?


19. If you receive a home visit service, under what circumstances would you feel comfortable allowing a staff to visit your home?


20. Please tell us what we do well and/or what we need to improve (Please explain below)