SEPnet Summer Placements 2020 - Student Registration Form


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1. Please complete the registration details below. Please note that once you have entered information YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN TO THIS PAGE. However, you can re-submit an application. Please keep a copy for your records.

Once you have completed this registration form, please ensure that you email your generic CV to your SEPnet Employer Engagement Adviser (EEA)/Placement Tutor. If you don't know who this is, email This is for our records only and to show evidence of your eligibility to apply for a SEPnet summer placement. Please note SEPnet will NOT forward your CV to employers on your behalf.

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7. I have emailed/will email a copy of my CV to my SEPnet Employer Engagement Adviser/Placement Tutor. (If you are unsure who your contact is, email *

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