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What is the Accessible Travel Reference Group?

The ‘Accessible Travel Reference Group’ is a group of volunteers with accessibility needs, who have told Southeastern they are happy to be consulted on proposed improvements to accessibility. The Group gives invaluable feedback, and brings forward suggestions regarding our trains and stations, and the way we provide a service. We listen very carefully to the views of the Group's members as they are best placed to tell us what is good, and what needs to improve - and how.

The members are older and disabled people with a variety of access needs, as well as other people with reduced mobility - for example parents who travel with small children. Anyone is welcome to apply to be a member of the Group. There is no limit on the number of Group members – we would like to have a wide cross section of people representing different access needs and with experience of travelling across our network. We also welcome people who have never travelled with us - for reasons relating to accessibility.

How do I apply?

Please fill in the below survey which will ask you about your travel habits and access needs. If you require assistance filling in this survey then please contact accessibility@southeasternrailway.co.uk


As a member you will be sent regular updates regarding improvements we are making to accessibility. You will also be sent short surveys to complete (on an entirely voluntary basis, and in confidence) regarding proposed changes – for example improvements to station facilities or timetable changes. The surveys may be about a network-wide issue (for example a new design of train) or a local issue (for example improvements to your local station). We will ask for your feedback on how the proposed changes would affect you, and whether this will improve your journey experience. In this way we can better understand your views and needs, and make sure we continue to improve the accessibility of our network.


The data that you provide to us when you complete the survey (“your data”) will be stored securely and processed in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Your data will be used by us solely to inform our plans for improved accessibility in line with the aims of the Accessible Travel Reference Group. This means we will only use your data for the purpose of taking into account accessibility needs when we provide our services and plan to make changes to our services. If you do not wish for Southeastern to use your data in this way please do not complete the survey. More details on how we hold and process your data can be found in Southeastern’s Privacy Policy.

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6. List the two Southeastern served stations (including London terminal) you use the most.

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7. How often do you travel with Southeastern ? *


8. If you don't currently travel with Southeastern, why is this?


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