Autistic experience of COVID-19 legislation and guidelines

This survey is intended to provide a 'snapshot' of our experiences, as autistic people living here in Scotland, of the policing of the COVID-19 emergency legislation. 

We will be looking at common themes and threads and identifying examples of both poor or worst but also good and best, practice.

We are also seeking to identify some of the key issues and concerns for the autistic community around the ongoing implementation of the law and the guidelines over the next few months.

Please note we can't respond to individual queries or complaints. If you would like information about how to raise any issues with the police directly, please go to Police Scotland

We will be using the information we gather from this survey, anonymised, to inform bodies such as the Independent Advisory Group to the Scottish Police Authority. Some of the later questions ask for some information about you, including the general area where you live; these are only to look at patterns and you will not be identified individually.

If you would like to view a hard copy of the survey before completion you can do so by clicking the link:

SWAN COVID-19 legislation and guidelines

Many thanks for taking part in this survey.

NB This survey is being hosted by an independent research company* on behalf of and in support of SWAN for which we thank them. The host research company will not retain, analyse or use in any way any of the information collected through this survey.

*Craigforth HCAS Ltd