Thank you for agreeing to complete the Social Work Organisational Resilience Diagnostic (SWORD) tool.

The tool is designed to assess the extent to which organisational factors and conditions support the wellbeing of their staff and promote optimum social work practice.

The tool will provide organisations with feedback in five key areas, which are the Key Foundational Principles (KFPs) that will identify where interventions should be prioritised.

An associated work-book with a range of targeted strategies to improve wellbeing in these five areas is also available on the dedicated SWORD website: https://sword.researchinpractice.org.uk/.

The questions in this survey are split into 5 sections representing each of the KFPs:
  • Secure base
  • Sense of appreciation
  • Learning organisation
  • Clear mission and vision
  • Wellbeing

Each section initially provides an overview of the KFP that is followed by several related questions. In total, the survey should take you between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

All the answers you give will be anonymous and confidential. Responses will be aggregated in reporting so that individuals cannot be identified. 

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