Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy; please share your views

1. We welcome your views about therapy services in Kirklees

Kirklees council have commissioned a review of some children's services in Kirklees led by Tony Parker an independent Consultant. Tony wants to make sure that the voices of parents and young people are heard as their lived experience is vital to the review and has asked PCAN to help with this.  So, if your child has received (or is receiving) therapies in the last three years, please share your views with us through this survey.  The therapies include:
Speech and language Therapy (including speech and language, dysphasia, specialist intensive support)
Occupational Therapy (including the new Sensory OT service)
The survey should take you 10-15 minutes to complete depending on how much you want to say! If you are a young person who wants to share your views, please feel free to complete the survey.

Many thanks as always for your time!

1. I am completing this survey as:


2. Please state the first half of your postcode, eg. WF16


3. Do you (if you are young person) or your child (if you are a parent of carer) receive one or more of the following?

Speech and Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy

4. Please indicate your age (if a young person) or the age group of your child/children who is receiving one or more or the therapies above: *

Under 18 months18 months – 3 years4-6 years7 to 11 years12-15 years16-19 years
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3

5. Does your child attend?

Child 1Child 2Child 3
Not in education yet
Preschool, Nursery or Child Minder
Mainstream Primary
Mainstream High School
Specialist Provision
Special School
Post 16 College or Further Education
Home Education
Alternative Provision eg. Ethos

6. Where does your child receive their therapy?


7. What is working well about the therapy received? (as well as the actual therapy, you can include reports from the therapist for various purposes, eg. EHCP, regular reviews, therapist attendance at meetings, referral system, support with equipment and resources etc) *