Super Senior Survey

1. Hello,

Traditionally, senior horses and ponies were classed as being 15 years or over. Management and care continues to improve and according to our data, around 40% of horses and ponies in the UK now sit in this category. With so many of us now caring for ‘seniors’ we want to find out some more in-depth stats about them.

If you own or care for a horse or pony who is 15 years or over, we would be very grateful if you could spare five minutes to participate in our survey. If you would like access to the survey results, just add your email address at the end of the survey and once the survey has closed we will send you an overview. If you submit your email address, you’ll also be added to our prize draw for your chance to WIN a £50 SPILLERS Feed voucher.

Our survey is set up with one horse or pony in mind. If you own more than one horse or pony of 15 years or over, please complete a survey for each horse. Every completion will give you an additional entry into the prize draw if you add your email address each time.

1. How old is your horse or pony? If your horse or pony is 45+ please write in the comments box their actual age. *