South Street Playing Fields PSPO Dog Exclusion Consultation

The South West Bristol Cooperative Learning Trust took hold of the freehold in 2007 and in 2018 this was transferred to Gatehouse Green Leaning Trust of which Compass Point Primary School is a member and is used by the school as their playing field. Compass Point Primary School has priority for its use during the school day but the field is kept open for general public to use at other times and there is a public right of way running through the field.

Most parks and green spaces in Bristol are subject to the City of Bristol (dog control) Public Space Protection Order 2017 requiring dog owners to keep dogs on leads and prohibition dogs from children’s play areas.

South Street Playing Fields however is one of the spaces excluded from this order and dogs may be exercised off the lead here. There is a ‘bark park’ next to the playing field where dogs can also be exercised off the lead. The 'bark park' would NOT be included in the PSPO area.

The school has raised concerns that increasingly dogs are being exercised in the playing field, sometimes off the lead and that dog faeces are not always picked up. Also that, even when cleared, there may be residue of faeces or urine which  could present a risk to the school children using the field from parasites and bacterial infection such as Toxocara, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Campylobacter to which young children are particularly vulnerable.

It is proposed to make South Street Playing Field subject to a Public Space Protection Order prohibiting dogs in line with part 3 of City of Bristol (dog control) Public Space Protection Order 2017 which excludes dogs from children’s play areas. This would make it an offence to let a dog onto the land and anyone in breach of the PSPO could be fined £100.

The area covered by the PSPO is highlighted on the map below.

1. How do you currently use South Street Playing Fields?


2. Do you agree with the proposal that South Street Playing Fields should be made subject to a Public Space Protection Order excluding dogs at all times from the area?


3. If you have any further comments on this, please provide them below: