Macmillan Cancer Networks Registration (London, South-East and East of England)

1. Macmillan Cancer Networks

Welcome to the sign up for our Macmillan Cancer Networks in London, the South-East and East of England.

Where do each of the networks cover?

The London Cancer Community includes all boroughs in Inner and Greater London.
The South-East Cancer Network covers Kent & Medway, East Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex.
The East of England Cancer Network covers Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk & Waveney.


What are the Cancer Networks?
 Each of the Cancer Networks are for anyone living or working in these areas who are either:
- Interested in getting involved with opportunities to improve Macmillan cancer information and support services
- Interested in finding out about cancer support and Macmillan engagement in their community
- Want to connect with cancer services, organisations and groups in their local area.


Who joins the networks?
Each network is a group of people who want to share their experiences, shape services, network and collaborate or just find out what's happening in their local area.
These include those:
- who have a lived experience of cancer:
- are friends, family members or carer’s of people affected by cancer:
- health care professionals:
- organisations and services that provide support to those living with cancer:
- members of community groups or organisations who want to support their members who may be affected by cancer. 


How could I get involved in the work that Macmillan does?
By joining the London Cancer Community (LCC), South-East Cancer Network (SECN) or the East of England Cancer Network (EECN), you can help shape the development and evaluation of cancer services by:
- helping inform Macmillan’s policy work
- helping raise cancer awareness by sharing personal experiences
- taking part in focus groups
- through case studies in our media team
 - giving talks
- sharing your skills and expertise with others 


The networks are very flexible, and you can have as little or as much involvement you want. You can choose to share your experience or skills to match with the opportunities that best suit you.


We also send our network members e-newsletters with updates on the work we're doing and opportunities in your local area. 


Why do the Cancer Networks exist?
We believe that it is essential that people living with or affected by cancer should be at the heart of change and have a way to share their experiences and get involved.

We understand the importance of finding support in your local community and the networks aim to bring together those 

We want to bring together cancer services, support groups, community groups and professions into one space together to make it easy for them to network and collaborate. We also hope to make it easier for those who are affected by cancer to navigate these services and connect with them in their local community.


Want to get involved?
Its easy!! If you would like to become a member of the London Cancer Community, South-East Cancer Network, the East of England Cancer Network or both please continue with the survey and you will receive a confirmation welcome email. 

Feel free to join more than one network if you are based across different areas.


Your data:  We promise to keep your details safe. Our privacy policy   explains how we keep this promise. If you don’t want to hear from us, or change your mind about involvement in this network please contact us via email 

Any questions regarding the network or to update your preferences please do contact us via email at