St Austell BID Survey April 2022

Tell us what you think by Friday 29th April 2022

We hope this communication finds you well in these challenging times and trust you are keeping safe and well.  The St Austell BID Board of Directors are keen to hear the views of all BID levy payers around three broad areas:
  • Find out your views of St Austell BID – what you think has worked best or anything that you feel has not been effective
  • Find out what projects and services you would like the BID to deliver for the remainder of this term until the end of March 2023
  • Establish your appetite for a third term of St Austell BID and what your priorities might be for future projects and services to help your business and our town prosper

A Third Term for St Austell BID
St Austell BID’s second five-year term finishes next year on 31st March 2023 but can be renewed following the publication of a new business plan incorporating your valuable feedback and subject to a positive ballot result in December this year – for the BID to be approved, a majority of businesses by number and size need to vote in favour.

Subject to a positive response to this early survey, the plan is to prepare our next business plan during the summer but we will be in touch with you again to share the results of your feedback and to consult further on our new business proposals.

How we will use your Data
Please note that the information you provide will be kept confidential and individual responses will remain anonymous.  Information given by levy payers will be summarised and used as valuable feedback for St Austell BID only.  Giving your business name allows us to understand the views of levy payers from different sectors, business sizes and areas within the BID boundary as well as ensuring we have the correct details so you have the right to vote next year in the third term ballot.

1. Business Name (required so we can summarise feedback from a range of businesses by size/sector and area of St Austell BID) *


Awareness of St Austell BID

2. Are you aware of what St Austell BID has delivered over the last four years? (Click here)


3. Do you think the work of the BID has made a positive difference to:

a) St Austell
b) Your business

4. Are you satisfied with the support that St Austell BID has provided during the pandemic?


5. Are you happy with the engagement you have received from St Austell BID to date?


6. Is there anything you would like to see St Austell BID do to support your business and the town over the coming months? Please give details