Stroud Station Travel Experiences Survey

1. Welcome to the Stroud Rail Station Customer Survey!

Stroud Town Council, Stroud District Council and GWR are keen to find out the latest information about how, when and why people use Stroud railway station. Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership are carrying out this research, Thank you!
All the questions are optional, so if you need to skip onto the next question, you can easily move through the survey.

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1. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey

Data collected as part of the survey will be stored securely on SmartSurvey's servers. Your data is protected under GDPR regulations and cannot be passed on to third parties without your consent. Aggregated, anonymous survey results may be shared with local authorities and transport providers to help improve the local sustainable transport network. No individual can be identified by this process.

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2. How often do you visit/use Stroud Station?


3. Which other train stations do you normally travel to/from? (please tick all that apply)


4. What are the main purposes for your journey/s from the station (please tick all that apply)


5. Have your travel patterns changed as a result of Covid 19 or other lifestyle changes (e.g. working from home)

I travel a lot less than I used toI travel less than I used toI travel about the sameI travel more than I used toI travel a lot more than I used toNot applicable to me
Travelling to school
Travelling to college/university
Company business
Day trip out

6. Postcode or Town information - note this will help us understand where you are travelling to and from and will only be used for the purposes of this research

Please let us have your home postcode
Please tell us the postcode or town for your usual destination
Please tell us the postcode or town for today's destination (if different)

7. Why do you choose to travel by train? (Please select all that apply)


8. About your journey to and from the station

How do you normally travel to and from the station?


9. What would encourage you to change the way you travel to and from the station in the future?
(please tick all that matter to you)


10. Why did you choose this usual mode of travel to/from the station?


11. How satisfied are you with the ease of getting to and from this station?
Move the marker to reflect your view - far left is very satisfied and far right is very dissatisfied


12. Does the weather/seasons influence the way in which you travel to the station?


13. If your normal mode of travel to the station is temporarily unavailable, please state how you would travel to the station?


14. If you drive to the station where do you normally park? Please note that South side = Platform 2/canal side, North side = Platform 1/town side


15. Do you have any difficulties in accessing the platforms?


16. If you answered 'yes' to the question above, what do you do?


17. How could facilities generally be improved at Stroud station? (please tick all that matter to you)


18. About leisure and tourism

How interested would you be interested in the following, if available, to do near the station?

Very interestedSomewhat interestedNeutralNot very interestedNot at all interested
An integrated, bookable experience (inc. rail tickets, accommodation, food, experiences)
A self guided walking trail
Eating/drinking at a local restaurant/cafe/pub/similar
Buying local food produce
Buying other local produce e.g. art/crafts
Visiting a local attraction on foot/by bike
Visiting a local experience / activity provider on foot/by bike
Cycle or e-bike hire
Walking or cycling routes
A local transfer service to access local attractions or places of interest

19. When you travel by train, how easy / difficult do you find it to access information on:

Very easySomewhat easyNeutralSomewhat difficultVery difficult
Local attraction, places of interest and experiences close to the station
Places to eat and drink close to the station
Places to stay close to the station
Places to shop close to the station
Onward connections from the station by public transport
Active travel options e.g. walking / cycling routes, cycle hire or storage

20. On your most recent holiday/short break by train, how many nights did you stay for?


21. On your most recent holiday/short break by train, approximately what did you spend on:


22. On your most recent day trip by train, approximately what did you spend on:


23. About You - Gender


24. About You - Which age group do you belong to?


25. About You - Do you consider that you have a disability that affects your everyday life?


26. About You - Do you have any temporary mobility requirements that affected your journey today? e.g a pushchair, heavy luggage


27. Would you be interested in getting involved with station adoption/community activities based at the station?


28. Do you have any final observations or comments that you would like to share?


29. Contact Details - if you would like to leave us with your contact details, please fill in boxes below