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Swadlincote Heroes World Cleanup Day 2019

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Businesses and residents of Swadlincote are being invited to become #SwadlincoteHeroes on Friday 20th September, 10am until 12pm, ahead of this year's #WorldCleanupDay. Come along grab a pair of gloves, don a hi-vis, pick up a picker and take part in the event that will transform our neighbourhood.

The Town Team with the support of the local community and South Derbyshire District Council is taking pride in continuing its fight against litter in #Swadlincote, making it a safer and cleaner place to live, work and visit. Your help will be very much valued and appreciated.

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1. Please complete your registration details to become a Swadlincote Hero:

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2. Photography, Filming and Recording Consent Form

I agree to allow my image, any film footage or any sound recordings of me taking part in the Swadlincote Heroes Spring Clean to be used as follows (please tick all that apply):

In publications, documents and display materials produced by South Derbyshire District Council or any of its associated organisations or companies
On South Derbyshire District Council or any associated organisation or company’s website
In the media (newspapers, magazines, websites/podcasts and radio stations)
On South Derbyshire District Council’s social media outlets (including Facebook and Twitter)
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3. As well as litter picking, what other activities would you be interested in getting involved in? (please tick)

Planting / gardening
Making items to display in the gardens i.e. wicker structures
Helping out at events i.e. handing out items, setting up etc.
Social media i.e. posting on Facebook and Twitter
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4. Would you like to find out more about Swad in Bloom, the community group set up to enhance Swadlincote town centre through horticultural, environmental, creative and social activities?

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Swadlincote Heroes Litter Pick Safety Checklist

When participating in a litter pick;
  • Avoid direct contact with litter at all times
  • Be aware of your environment and do not put yourself at risk whilst picking litter.
  • Do not pick when visibility is poor and only pick in daylight hours
  • Do not pick up any items that cannot easily be identified or where they are clearly hazardous. Report to South Derbyshire District Council (see below)
  • Do not attempt to remove dead or live animals. If dead report to South Derbyshire District Council. If alive report to the RSPCA. (see below)
  • Use a litter picking tool where possible for any glass and metal items
  • Any dog fouling, hazardous substances, needles or drug paraphernalia, or graffiti needs to be left alone and reported to South Derbyshire District Council. (see below)
  • Clean hands thoroughly before eating food or drinking
  • Rubbish should not be compressed using hands or feet as this can accidentally puncture the skin
  • Avoid contact with the body when carrying plastic bin bags
  • Ensure any cuts or abrasions are clean and covered with a waterproof plaster
  • Wear stout shoes and weather appropriate clothing
  • Be aware of traffic at all times and stop picking to allow any vehicle to pass
  • Do not overfill bin bags and avoid lifting heavy objects or sacks alone
  • Do not confront anyone you see littering
In an emergency Dial 999 (24 hours) Emergency Services, non-emergency police number is 101

01283 595795  South Derbyshire District Council’s Clean Team to report dog fouling, hazardous substances, needles, drug paraphernalia, or other hazardous items. You can also email

01283 595795 South Derbyshire District Council’s Clean Team to report dead animals. You can also email

0300 123 4999 (24 hours) RSPCA to report any kind of incident where help is needed with an animal in any location

There is a Public Space Protection Order in place within the town for Anti-Social Behaviour which includes street drinkers and drug users, anyone seen to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol and causing any ASB should be reported to the Police by calling 101
Swadlincote Heroes Code of Conduct

All adult and young volunteers are expected to adhere to this Code at all times whilst participating in the Swadlincote Heroes Spring Clean. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the area.

The Dos
  • DO put this code into practice at all times
  • DO treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • DO encourage others to challenge attitudes or behaviours they do not like
  • DO keep the leader informed if you need to leave the tidy up area
  • DO remember someone else might misinterpret your actions, no matter how well-intentioned
  • DO make sure you do not swear or use offensive language
  • DO respect the town centre and behave appropriately
  • DO encourage others that they must put effort in to be able to be rewarded
  • DO set an example you would wish others to follow
  • DO treat all people equally – show no favouritism
  • DO respect a people’s right to personal privacy
  • DO allow people to talk about any concerns they may have but make them aware that depending on the information given you may have to take the matter further.
The Do Nots
  • DO NOT pick up glass or needles
  • DO NOT smoke
  • DO NOT consume alcohol or use drugs
  • DO NOT make suggestive remarks or threats to a another person, even in fun
  • DO NOT let allegations, suspicions, or concerns about abuse go unreported
  • DO NOT swear or use drug language
  • DO NOT climb on walls, street furniture or trees

5. Please confirm you have read the Safety Checklist and Code of Conduct *

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