Nothing About Us Without Us! Disabled People’s Human Rights in NI – Survey of Organisations and Departments

The United Kingdom and NI Executive have agreed to ‘protect and promote’ the human rights of disabled people by signing up to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. They have agreed to take part in a review every 4 years so that the United Nations can check whether disabled people’s human rights are being upheld by the UK Government, The NI Executive, Health Trusts, education providers, public bodies, and councils.

Disability Action is gathering information as part of a project in partnership with the Equality Commission NI to gather evidence regarding disabled people’s views and experiences which will be shared with the United Nations. 

The next time the United Nations will review progress is likely to be in 2023. They will look at the actions taken by the NI Executive and Assembly since the last review in 2017.

The survey closing date extended until Thursday 23 December 2021.  

If you have any questions regarding the survey, would like more information regarding the rights of d/Deaf and/or disabled people or would like to meet with Disability Action regarding any of the issues raised within this survey, please get in touch with:

Nuala Toman, Head of Policy at Disability Action
Mobile: 07967 322639

Your information
This survey is anonymous. You don’t need to tell us your name.

You should not give any personal information about yourself or anyone else. This includes things like people’s names or where they live. If you do include this information, we will not use it and it will be deleted.

We might use the words you write in your answers when we report the results of this survey. But we won’t share anything that means you could be recognised.

1. What is the main role of your organisation / Department? *


2. Since 2017, are you aware of any legislative initiatives and/or policy programmes or reforms that have been put in place by the NI Executive and Assembly or UK Government that promote the rights of disabled people? *


3. Since 2017, are you aware of any regressive measures that have been introduced by the Executive or Assembly or UK government that have impacted on disabled people and people with long-term health conditions? *


4. Since 2017 what steps have been taken by your organisation or Department to advance the rights of people with disabilities? *


5. Please outline any future priorities which your organisation or Department will put in place to advance the rights of disabled people. *


6. From your organisation’s perspective, what are the most pressing issues facing the disabled people that the United Nations needs to know about/be updated on? *


7. If you would like to provide links to evidence that you think will be useful please do so here.

This can be things like reports, statements, case studies, press releases and relevant consultation responses. We particularly welcome evidence that covers the period 2017-2021. You can also send us any attachments via email.

If the evidence, you send is not already in the public domain please specify if you DO NOT wish us to reference it in the report.


Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to take part in the call for evidence.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions or require this form in an alternative format, please email or phone 07967 322639.