UK Masto COVID-19 Vaccine survey

1. The UK Mastocytosis Support Group Survey on COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19, the disease caused by this new coronavirus, has been classified by the World Health Organization as a pandemic, meaning it is expected to affect people all over the world.  

This survey is being carried out by The UK Mastocytosis Support Group.  The purpose is to understand better the effects of COVID-19 vaccination on people with mast cell diseases. 

This survey may help people with an interest in mast cell diseases (patients, their families and doctors around the world) learn more about how this vaccine affects these patients.  

Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary, and you have no obligation to share information here.   We will not be collecting any information that could link your reply back to you (no email address or IP address).  

We will ask you to explain what your experience was like with COVID-19 vaccine, which could be emotionally upsetting.  

If more than one family member has a mast cell disease and has had a vaccine please complete a separate survey for each family member by completing the questions for one person and then returning to the original link to begin again.  

Your responses will be stored by the survey company, SmartSurvey, a UK company who are compliant with the UK regulations on the protection of data.  The information will also be downloaded for use by trustees of this charity in order to share the information with doctors who work on mast cell diseases in the UK and elsewhere in the world, and with patients.  When downloaded, the information will only be retained according to national privacy guidelines.  The information you provide might also be used as part of a written research article.  In any case where the information is shared beyond the trustees of this charity and with our medical advisors your responses will be shared collectively with the responses of other patients.  

Many thanks for your help!  

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