PSHE, Relationships and Sex Education Policy and Curriculum Parental Consultation – June 2020

The Department for Education has announced changes to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). These changes will come into effect from September 2020 and all schools will be required to comply with the updated requirements.

In line with this new RSE curriculum, at Brighstone Primary we have also revised our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum, which includes updated resources that are in line with current guidance. The new PSHE scheme of work that we are introducing will support children’s wellbeing, as well as their personal and social development, especially in these current circumstances. Therefore, although schools now have the option of delaying the implementation of RSE until later in the year due to school closures, at Brighstone we have decided to introduce the new curriculum for PSHE and RSE from September 2020.

When revising this policy and curriculum, schools are required to consult parents and we would therefore appreciate your feedback before it is introduced. It is advised to read the draft PSHE, Relationships and Sex Education Policy before responding to these questions.

Please complete by noon on Wednesday 1st July 2020.

1. I understand what our new PSHE, Relationships and Sex Education curriculum will include.


2. I am pleased that my child will be learning about different aspects of relationships, including family structures, friendship, bullying, teamwork, stereotypes, consent, growing up and feelings.


3. I appreciate my child being taught about relationships and acknowledge the link to safeguarding.


4. Having read the PSHE, Relationships and Sex Education Policy, is there any further information about the new PSHE and RSE curriculum that you would like to know?


5. Do you have any further questions about this policy or curriculum?


6. Do you think that any particular areas need to be addressed in more depth in this policy and curriculum?


7. Would you like more support to help you talk to your child about sex and relationships issues at home? If so, please provide further information if you wish to do so.


8. I would like to attend the parent discussion forum on Friday 3rd July via Zoom.


9. Include your name, if you wish:

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