FRC Recruitment - Diversity and Consent Form
1. Background Information
We are committed to assessing, improving and increasing equal employment opportunities and maintaining aggregated diversity statistics within the FRC.  To help us do this, we ask you to volunteer certain personal information about gender, age band, marital / civil status, disability status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social mobility, and religion in this form.  Please note that:

- This form is voluntary; you are not required to fill it in in order to be considered in any recruitment process. 

- You can withdraw consent to our holding any information you provide in this form at any time (although this will not affect any uses of that information before you withdrew your consent).  Please see the link in the footer for guidance on how to do this or email

- We process and protect your personal information in accordance with data protection law and we do not discriminate on any basis. 

- Only our HR Department will have access to your completed form.  The information you provide will be destroyed after the recruitment exercise (if you are unsuccessful) or after a year (if you are successful). They will use it solely to assess the diversity of all candidates and to report anonymised results internally (e.g. to improve our processes) and externally (e.g. to benchmark against diversity index criteria and report publicly on our diversity commitment and performance).
Thank you for your assistance.