Kent PCC Support Provision for all crime victims - Staff and partner agencies

The Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) has responsibility for ensuring the delivery of efficient and effective support services for victims of crime in Kent, regardless of whether that crime has been reported to the Police.  This service provision must include the commissioning of a referral and support service for all victims of crime that report to the Police, or who wish to self-refer for support, even if they haven’t reported to the Police. This service was commissioned in 2016 and is currently delivered by Victim Support. However, we are now required to re-tender this service, with the new provision needing to start on 1 April 2023.
The PCC is keen to seek views from partner agencies and staff on the current support provision for all victims of crime and to seek views on how support should be offered and what services should be provided. This information will help inform the structure and delivery of the new service offer.
If you would like further information or to discuss your views on the re-commissioning of the support service for all crime victims, please contact


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