Draft Visitor Economy Strategy Consultation

1. Draft Visitor Economy Survey


1. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to participate in the consultation process for Rossendale Council's Draft Visitor Economy Strategy.

As you may be aware, over the last few months we have been working with local businesses, events and organisations in devising a plan to grow Rossendale's Visitor Economy, covering Leisure, Tourism and Arts. The aim of the Strategy is to ensure Rossendale has the right approach in the next 10 years for this sector to thrive.

This Strategy combines actions required from both the Council and Stakeholders in order to achieve the 10 year Vision:

"With a beautiful lifestyle offer, including heritage and cultural experiences set amongst stunning scenery, Rossendale provides the perfect outdoor adventure experience. By 2030, Rossendale will have built an unrivalled reputation as a year-round visitor destination for families and foodies alike."

Do you feel that the Vision Statement is inspiring but also appropriate for Rossendale?


2. Recognised as key to growing the Visitor Economy sector in Rossendale are these 5 themes:
1. Marketing Rossendale
2. Outdoor Rossendale
3. Lifestyle Rossendale
4. Accommodation Rossendale
5. Creative Rossendale

Each theme has a series of actions attributed to it, these can be found in the Action Plan section of the Strategy.

Do you feel these themes for growth are appropriate?


3. Please rank the 5 themes, in your priority order (1= highest priority, 5 = lowest priority)


4. The Marketing Rossendale theme specifies a series of actions to grow it including:
Creating a brand for Rossendale
Creating a promotional plan
Developing a marketing plan
Improving resident knowledge
Web platforms

Do you feel that these actions will grow this theme?
*Please refer to the Action Plan for greater detail and sub-actions.


5. Outdoor Rossendale is all about how we use our excellent outdoor facilities, natural landscape and beautiful location to attract visitors.
Some actions include:
Creating an outdoor sub-brand
Packaging up the outdoor adventure activities to offer group discounts and itineraries
Developing an outdoor hub, for brews, bike and boot hire, cycling lessons etc
Connecting towns and villages through cycle paths and bridleways

Do you think these are the main actions to grow this theme?
*Please refer to the Action Plan for greater detail and sub-actions.


6. Lifestyle Rossendale is the third theme identified for growth.
There are already visionary plans in place for Bacup and Haslingden and work is being developed for Rawtenstall Town Centre.
The Visitor Economy Strategy builds on these plans and links a series of further actions including:
Using the East Lancashire Railway to drive footfall around Rossendale
Developing our reputation for Food and Drink
Expanding our calendar of Events

Do you think that these actions will help to grow this theme?
*Please refer to the Action Plan for greater detail and sub-actions


7. It has been recognised that Rossendale needs to improve its Accommodation offer. The Action Plan identifies ways to do this including:
Bringing forward proposals for camping sites, motorhome and caravans sites
Attracting a town centre based hotel
Expanding existing facilities

Do you feel like the actions included will support the growth of this theme?
*Please refer to the Action Plan for greater detail and sub-actions.


8. Creative Rossendale has a lot to offer, connecting our museums, interesting facts, theatres and community groups, artists and artisans through heritage, culture and creativity.
Actions for growing this theme include:
Establishing a Creative Industry Network and expanding it
Establishing an Artist Village
Create a series of packages and itineraries

This is developed in more detail in the Action Plan.

Do you think that this main action will support the growth of Heritage and Creativity?


9. Several targets have been determined to measure the success of the Strategy, including:
Evaluating Steam Data
Social Media Followers
Town Centre Footfall Counting

Do you think these targets are ambitious but achievable?


10. What do you think could be the barriers to achieving the growth aspirations of the Visitor Economy Strategy and how can we reduce these?


11. Do you have any other general or specific comments about the strategy or any
other aspect raised in this consultation document?