WCC Cultural Strategy Consultation

The Cultural Strategy will set the course to 2024 and demonstrates our commitment to culture as part of a City for All

The value of culture is undeniable. We recognise its contribution to our health and wellbeing, the development of skills and careers, the economy and the places where we live. Westminster City Council already runs successful programmes that deliver in all these areas. However, we can do more, by working more closely with partners, to make sure the positive benefits of culture can be felt by us all.

Focusing on four draft priorities, we want to make sure the great benefit of culture is felt by all those who live, work, and visit Westminster. Defining culture in the broadest sense, the strategy will bring together all forms of culture made and experienced in our city.

We want to use your feedback to develop these main priorities against our City for All vision:
  • To ensure wider access and culture for all, we will work with local venues and organisations to make sure more Westminster residents and families can take part in cultural activities, especially people who are least like to engage.
  • As we create a healthier and happier city, we will improve Westminster as a place to live, and make more connections between public health and cultural provision to increase opportunities for improving wellbeing.
  • To optimise the unique opportunities that being at the heart of the capital provides, we will work with cultural and creative employers to identify and tackle key challenges such as addressing skills gaps.
  • As a city that celebrates its thriving and diverse communities, we will continue to find opportunities for creative placemaking, ensuring cultural infrastructure is an important part of our City Plan 2020-40, regeneration and public realm schemes.

This consultation will close on 12 April 2020.
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