The Cycling Movement Strategy Phase 2 is one of many schemes that have been prioritised for implementation by 2026, subject to further detailed feasibility, design work and consultation. The 11 cycle schemes which make up the Cycling Movement Strategy Phase 2 were developed and implemented as temporary schemes as part of City of Westminster’s COVID response.

In November and December 2021 Westminster consulted on the ‘Cycling Movement Strategy’ temporary cycle schemes seeking stakeholder views on retaining the 11 schemes. The consultation received a high level of support for retaining the temporary cycle lanes whilst proposals for permanent facilities were developed.

We are now in the process of developing permanent proposals and as part of this, the Paddington Area permanent proposal has been made available for public to provide their views.

We welcome your feedback on the updated proposals to refine them further. Your opinions and suggestions are important to us, and we look forward to hearing them.

This project, and associated consultation, is being led by Westminster City Council.

FMC are conducting this survey, on behalf of Westminster City Council, to gather your views on proposals for the Cycling Movement Strategy Phase 2 Paddington Area.

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