Instrument Class Sets Requests for 10 WEEKS Whole Class Ensemble Tuition & Projects.


1. Please use a different form for each instrument set you require. Thank you
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Our deadlines are set to ensure delivery of your instruments at the start of term and avoid overloading our workshop. Book now for the Spring 2025 term right up to Summer 2027 term!  

Please contact your Music Development Lead for information regarding other ways we can support your school with free loan of instruments. Debbie Kent (Torridge & North Devon); Tom Deam (Teignbridge & Torbay); Sam Massey (Exeter); Ben van Weede (West & Mid Devon); Anthony Chamberlain (East Devon/South Hams).                                      

The following sets are STILL AVAILABLE available for the Spring term (2025):

Ocarinas,  Nuvo covered recorders,  Recorders,  pBuzzes, Pocket Trumpets,  Ukuleles,  Guitars (KS2),  Bells & Boomwackers,  Bamboo Tamboo,  Sound Shapes,  Taiko,  Samba fullsize,  Mini Samba


The following sets are STILL AVAILABLE available for the Summer term (2025):

Ocarinas, Nuvo recorders, Recorders, Fifes, D Whistles,  DooDs, jSaxes, pBuzzes, pBones, Pocket trumpets, Ukuleles, Bells and Boomwhackers, Bamboo Tamboo, Mini Samba, Taiko


*Please speak with us about smaller sets or other options if you are interested in a longer-term instrumental project in your school.