Wellcome ISSF Family Leave Support Scheme

This application is for funding to assist non-clinical researchers in Life Sciences who are taking family leave, with a technician or other support, to help maintain the progress of their academic work whilst they are on family leave. This scheme is specific to non-clinical researchers – clinical researchers should refer to the existing Family leave support for Clinical Lecturers.

Funding is provided by the Wellcome ISSF. Decisions will be made by the Chair of the ISSF panel. Wellcome funds are due to be fully spent by September 2022. Within this timeframe, there is no specific deadline for applications, but it is advised that applications are submitted as early as possible to enable timely recruitment of a suitable technician. It is possible for the technician to start before the family leave commences and/or continue after the researcher returns to work, funding permitting.

Please refer to the guidance notes available on the Internal Research Funding pages.

1. Name


2. Email Address


3. UoB Staff ID Number


4. Post Held


5. Start Date of Post


6. (If the grant is to fund a technician/support post) please state the School or Institute in which the
technician/support post should be set up:


7. Please outline how you will use this money. If it is to be used to hire a technician/support post, please explain the role of this individual and how this post will enable your research project to continue in your absence.


8. A forecast of spend must be provided, including a forecast of salary costs if the grant is to be used to hire a technician/support post


9. Please give the name of the member of staff who will line manage the technician / support staff during your absence.


10. Please upload an email / letter from your supervisor confirming their support of this application.

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