Waves Car Wash - Customer Survey

1. How do you feel about the following statements:

(* denotes a required question)

1. I would be more likely to use a car wash if I saw additional protective equipment being worn by valeters on site, such as gloves and masks *


2. I would be happy to wait in my car during an outside only service to ensure a contactless car wash *


3. I would be interested in a deep clean of my vehicle including air conditioning cleaner and seat cleaning *


4. If I was only having an outside wash, I would be interested in purchasing Autoglym internal valeting products from the site to use at home to keep my vehicle clean and refreshed during this time *


5. I would feel more comfortable knowing that I could make a contactless payment at the car wash rather than using cash *


6. I would prefer to use the Waves Customer App to make secure payments without leaving my vehicle *


7. I would prefer to be able to pre-book a time for my service through the Waves Customer App *