What is the ''Westbourne Green Open Space' Consultation?
The Council believes that participation in play, physical activity, leisure and sport can be truly transformative, inclusive and fundamentally beneficial. Being active and healthy goes hand in hand with an improved quality of life and wellbeing. Sport, Leisure & Active Communities aims to improve Westbourne Green open space and offer a rich mix of play opportunities, different types of space and more accessible open space.

The purpose of this consultation is to gather views and insights on how best to improve the space and maximise usage of outdoor space within the three workstreams:
  1. Inclusive Play - A menu of options will be presented to the local community prioritising the most wanted elements of inclusive play
  2. Soft landscaping - Proposals will include recommendations on the use of micro forests, semi-mature trees and hedge infill to improve air quality, increase park biodiversity, reduce noise and water loss amongst other benefits
  3. Creating space for girls and young women - Increase use of the area by girls and young women to encourage physical activity and community life
Please note that this development will retain the large green space and already existing equipment.

What we would like you to do
In participating in this survey as part of the consultation, we would like to hear your views on the mentioned areas of development in Westbourne Green. The survey covers three workstreams and you will be able decide what if you want to answer either one, two or all sections. Therefore, the time to complete the online survey may vary from 10 to 15 min.

To take part in this consultation you must be:
  • A resident of Westminster or user of Westbourne Green Open Space
  • Be over the age of 16 years
  • If you are under the age of 16 years, you will need to answer this survey with parental supervision
You can complete the survey online following the link below or request paper copies of the survey via our contact page.
Please read the below information regarding informed consent:
“I have read the information provided and I am happy to participate. I understand that by completing and returning this survey, I am consenting to be part of this consultation and for my data to be used as described in the information provided above”

I agree to take part in the Westbourne Green Open Space Consultation *